CNN Knows Climate Change Is Nothing But a Colossal Hoax

CNN Knows Climate Change Is Nothing But a Colossal Hoax

CNN does not believe in the Climate Change hoax they are so shamelessly promoting and here’s the proof CNN hides in its own article:

Climate models consistently show that if CO2 continues to be released into the atmosphere at the current rate, temperatures will continue to climb well above 2 degrees Celsius, according to the latest from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

That creates real consequences, from rising sea levels -- threatening low-lying islands and cities like Miami Beach, Florida -- to searing droughts and mass-extinction in the natural world.

Note how CNN uses Miami as its example of a "low-lying ... city" in danger of "rising sea levels."

But, why Miami and not Manhattan?

After all, many of the scientists CNN quotes extensively, also claim Manhattan will be underwater by as soon as 2015.

Well... obviously 2015 has already passed and Manhattan is NOT underwater.

But, then why is CNN moving its major operations out of Atlanta, a city far removed from the dangers of rising sea levels, and into New York, a city in imminent danger of flooding?

Oh, and here’s more: Time Warner, the company that owns CNN, just invested in 7 new buildings located in Hudson Yards, a part of Manhattan just a block or two away from the water. An area that, according to its own CNN, should have already been or (now) will soon be underwater, and therefore utterly and completely worthless.

The bottom line is that these people aren’t just liars, they are brazen and audacious liars who, in full view of all of us, prove again through their own behavior and billion-dollar investments, that they know Climate Change is a hoax.

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