Earth Hour Free Zones

Some well intentioned organizations are asking you to turn off your lights on March 24th between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30 pm in solidarity with the man-made global warming movement. We here at Carbon Belch Day say, "Turn them on!" In fact, leave your closet light on as well!

If you, like us, are fed up with the politically correct elites not only dictating the type of light bulbs you may buy, but also when and how you are allowed to use them, then join us as we "rage against the machine". Declare your home or place of business a sovereign Earth Hour Free Zone. Join the growing world-wide community that has the backbone to declare, "Enough is enough!", and pledge to keep your lights on this March 24th!

It’s simple, go to the Carbon Belch Calculator, calculate your belch on March 24th, and your home or business will automatically appear as an Earth Hour Free Zone.