The Dark Side of Earth Day

We bet the elite media has never told you about the true origin of Earth Day. Read this excellent article by Robert Knight, “The Dark Side of Earth Day” [...]

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The Climate Change Deceit…



Could the current political and scientific discussion on man-made global warming be rooted in lies and deceit? Living in a day and age where so much information is available, there is really no excuse for every citizen not investigating for themselves the real facts associated with what is being called “man-made global warming.”

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Global Warming Could be Caused by the Earth’s Natural Temperature Cycles



According to the prediction of an Ohio State University researcher, global warming is a natural geological process that could begin to reverse itself soon. According to this prediction, within the next ten to twenty years, the earth may reach its peak in the current temperature profile cycle and then begin to cool toward a new ice Read More

Global warming is part of earth’s natural cycle

New research indicates that the earth’s warming melted ice caps over five million years ago as well, before even the earliest homo-sapiens walked the earth. If this is true, why then is blame so easily placed today on humans, when in fact nature is just following its natural course?

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Obama’s Lies about Climate Change are not Based on Scientific Evidence

Obama continues to lie about climate change despite overwhelming evidence that in fact it does not exist. Dubbed 'climate gate', revelations in 2009 brought evidence that a small group within the UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were deliberately falsifying their climate models.

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