Obama’s “global warming” folly


Obama’s global warming folly

As President Obama continues to push his man-made climate change agenda, polls in the US are now showing that less and less people share his concern. Nonetheless, Obama’s declaration of a unilateral American war on global warming is sending our nation down a very expensive and futile road.

Recent studies have provided solid scientific proof that global temperatures have been flat for the past sixteen years. Taking these studies into consideration, even Obama’s claim that the earth is warming is suspect.

The truth is that the US climate change industry has been feeding off the public purse for years with nothing to show for it except the production of misinformation, lies, hot air, and a lot of Obama donors getting rich.

According to the International Energy Agency, the United States has already taken extreme measures in order to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Today, emissions are down to 1992 levels and yet, at the same time global emissions have gone up. Why is this? It’s because even if we wanted to, America cannot control the energy use of the other ninety-six percent of humankind.

Obama’s climate change agenda and his war on coal in particular, will cause the loss of thousands of American jobs. The economies of entire states will suffer as well as the possible demise of the coal industry as we know it today. And all for what purpose really? Are these truly the steps America should be taking at a time of high unemployment and slow to zero economic growth?

Most maddening of all is the fact that all of this self-sacrifice, belt tightening, and fear mongering will have absolutely no effect on whether or not the planet is warming. Everything the President is asking us to do will be in vain. But what we will be left with is a self-inflicted economic wound that may take decades to heal and will have no effect on the earth’s climate.

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