All Claims Regarding Climate Change Are About To be Completely Turned Around


In order to prove their claims, supporters of the human-induced climate change theory have been dependent on the melting ice in the Antarctic Peninsula (AP). But, a new study discloses controversial findings on the alleged "recovery" of Earth's glaciers.

All Claims Regarding Climate Change Are About To be Completely Turned Around

According to an earlier University Herald report, the study published in the journal "Science of the Total Environment" claims that "glacier recession" is now slowing down. In fact, the cooling process began as early as 1998 and is now starting to impact Antarctic's cryosphere.

In case it is proven to be true, the strongest proof of global warming is headed towards the opposite side of truth sooner than later. Additionally, the researchers have stated that the previous heating of the oceans is now "an extreme case".

Per The Blaze, the recent analysis (Turner et al., 2016) show that the temperature record in AP for the last three decades has shifted from a warming trend of .32 degrees Celsius per 10 years during 1979 to 1997 to a cooling trend of -0.47 degrees Celsius during 1999 to 2014. The results also suggest that the cooling has been most significant in the North and Northeast of AP and the South Shetland Islands. On the contrary, the cooling trend was absent in the Southwest part of the said area.

Furthermore, the "glacier recession" has already affected the cryosphere in northern AP. Prior to this, climate change advocates have stated that the melting of sea ice will continue until global effects could be felt.

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