Academics "Predict" an Imminent Global Warming Disaster


As it turns out, the philosophy and history of science is quite boring, so people in that academic field thought it would be 'interesting' to write about controversial subjects in order to make their work less boring. Apparently, the professors have written a book called: The Seasons Alter, How to Save Our Planet in Six Acts.

The book is obviously filled with scientific errors regarding climate science. And, clearly the authors have a poor understanding of the main topic. They are attracted to apocalyptic predictions of disaster that call for farsighted persons, such as themselves, to warn the world.

Academics 'Predict' an Imminent Global Warming Disaster

Well, they do receive vast amounts of government money because they claim that we face an imminent global warming disaster, so... Nobody would care about their field of science except for the predictions of disaster. Nor would they get much government money if they didn’t predict a looming disaster.

There are of course those climate scientists who are secure enough in their jobs that they can disagree, even though it makes their colleagues furious.

The Seasons Alter book invokes the idea that the global warming establishment is eager to hear disagreeing voices and new ideas that contradict official theories.

That is absolutely hilarious to anyone who has actually talked with climate scientists that have ideas that go against the received wisdom. The idea that a young researcher could make a name for himself by proving his elders wrong is far from reality. The fact is that there are no young researchers going against the community wisdom. Or, if there were, it is safe to assume that they are no longer members of the community.

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