• Make the Pledge

    "Yes, I’ll increase my CO2 output on March 28th!"

    Yes! I will increase my CO2 output on March 28th! I am joining people from all walks of life in taking the Carbon Belch Day Pledge! On March 28th I will do my best to increase my CO2 output and unleash a Carbon Belch on the planet. I do this with no fear or concern that I am destroying the planet, but rather to show the absurdity of the “going green” wackos who want to make something out of nothing. Make the Pledge


The Slow but Sure Death of 'Climate Change' Lies

Although President Obama insists with the lie about “climate change” and employs the many elements of the federal government to repeat those lies, this huge hoax is about to die.

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The true lies of climate change

It is now widely recognized that global climate has undergone serious changes and obviously will continue to do so. The debate is mainly on the root cause, ie whether is due to human-induced carbon emission or natural climate variability.

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The World’s Climate Change Mafia Meet in Peru

The Peru conference is just another effort to set a global tax on “carbon” and to increase the UN’s “Climate Fund” to which some nations have pledged $9.3 billion.

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"Warming" Propaganda Based on False Stats for Control Purposes

The so-called problem of carbon emissions being generated from burning, called “fossil fuels“ is blamed on the energy demands of the masses, by elite leaders, controlled global agencies and their propaganda team scientists and other pseudo experts.

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