• Make the Pledge

    "Yes, I’ll increase my CO2 output on March 28th!"

    Yes! I will increase my CO2 output on March 28th! I am joining people from all walks of life in taking the Carbon Belch Day Pledge! On March 28th I will do my best to increase my CO2 output and unleash a Carbon Belch on the planet. I do this with no fear or concern that I am destroying the planet, but rather to show the absurdity of the “going green” wackos who want to make something out of nothing. Make the Pledge


Climate change is nothing but the new religion for a discredited United Nations

Everyone is aware that the climate is changing and almost everyone accepts that there is a certain human element involved.

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The lies of forged climate experts

The basic lie is that humans, through their use of fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas, are creating huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) which in turn is warming the Earth.

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Global warming is a huge fat lie and the science behind it is bogus!

As it turns out John Coleman, co-founder of the Weather Channel, startled the world and the scientific community when he stated that there is almost no scientific proof that global warming is real...

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NOAA and NASA Mass Global Deception

The UN is behind a very deceptive practice called global warming fraud, and they are using their affiliates, NASA and the NOAA to do it. Their reason? To create the so called ‘power mongering’ in order to weaken the system and develop a new world order.

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