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    "Yes, I’ll increase my CO2 output on March 24th!"

    Yes! I will increase my CO2 output on March 24th! I am joining people from all walks of life in taking the Carbon Belch Day Pledge! On March 24th I will do my best to increase my CO2 output and unleash a Carbon Belch on the planet. I do this with no fear or concern that I am destroying the planet, but rather to show the absurdity of the “going green” wackos who want to make something out of nothing. Make the Pledge


The Global Warming Thought Police Want Skeptics In 'Jail'

Conform or else. As it turns out that's the message of the global warming alarmists. Those who don't buy into the man-made climate change narrative should be prosecuted as criminals.

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Man-Made Climate Catastrophe Is a Myth, More Studies Confirm

From the world of science two more studies confirm that the man-made global warming scare is a myth.

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Despite EPA Actions, Obama's Climate Agenda 'Has Not Been Fully Dismantled Yet'

While Republicans and industry groups cheer the Trump administration’s repealing of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), conservative policy experts say there’s still more to do.

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Why the Catholic Institutions Divest From Fossil Fuels

It appears that a group of 40 Catholic institutions divested from fossil fuels Tuesday on the anniversary of the death of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment.

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This Year's Atlantic Hurricanes in Perspective

The recent spate of hurricanes has inevitably attracted attention and spawned wildly inaccurate headlines, such as 'a 1000 year event'...

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Why the Paris Accord Is Unnecessary, Irrelevant

Satellites have been continuously scanning lower tropospheric temperatures since 1979.

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