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    "Yes, I’ll increase my CO2 output on March 24th!"

    Yes! I will increase my CO2 output on March 24th! I am joining people from all walks of life in taking the Carbon Belch Day Pledge! On March 24th I will do my best to increase my CO2 output and unleash a Carbon Belch on the planet. I do this with no fear or concern that I am destroying the planet, but rather to show the absurdity of the “going green” wackos who want to make something out of nothing. Make the Pledge


Four Out Of Five Harvey Victims Don't Have Flood Insurance

According to the Associated Press, eighty percent of homeowners that suffered flood damage from Hurricane Harvey ripping through Texas are without flood insurance.

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One climate skeptic makes life 'Inconvenient' for Al Gore

As it turns out a self-published e-book by a leading climate skeptic challenging the science behind Al Gore’s 'An Inconvenient Sequel' is outselling the film’s companion book on Amazon.

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New study shows that East Antarctica remains stable even if western ice sheets melt

According to a new study, the central core of the East Antarctic ice sheet should remain stable even if the West Antarctic ice sheet melts.

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Merkel: UK's Decision To Ban Diesel-Powered Vehicle Is The 'Right Approach'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled support for Britain’s plan to ban all internal combustion vehicles, although she asked European leaders in July to restrain their criticisms of diesel-powered cars.

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Professor claims dogs and cats harm climate, advises hamsters instead

A UCLA professor who recommended replacing dogs and cats with more climate-friendly pets in the name of global warming may have bitten off more than he can chew.

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Al Gore's Home Devours 34 Times More Electricity Than Average U.S. Household

We all know about Al Gore’s sequel to 'An Inconvenient Truth' - 'An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power'.

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